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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines and Friends!

For some reason this year, Valentines has been a lot of fun for me. I can't quite pin point it, but I wish I'd been inspired about one week earlier. I didn't get my white tree out again as I thought I might. I wish I had, but I won't do it now. I have a lot of Valentine's from my Tasha Tudor friends and they would look great on the tree. Instead I am pinning all of my new ones this year on my bulletin board. I went to a friend's house Sunday for a Valentine party. This is an annual event for her and the past 2 years were rough on her, so this year she did it up in true Karen style! She puts on quite a spread of goodies and then supplies us with the stuff to make our own Valentines! WHAT FUN! It really got me in the spirit and I truly wished it had been a week earlier. First I will share her invitation, which, of course, is a little work of art itself. Here are some pictures from her party taken on my phone. I am not completely impressed with them,but you get the idea! I sat at the little table in front on the left. Karen on the left. This is her buffet filled with goodies of all kinds! Her fireplace, all decorated up. This tea tray sits on her coffee table. Gorgeous! Friends mulling around. Her lime green kitchen! She loves Mary Englebright. Karen painted this. It's so sweet. Her guest book and lovlies along with it. Such a pretty cake plate and topper. Her friend, Lynn, does mosaics and made this for her. I really like this. This is part of the supply table for making Valentines! So fun! I will share some Valentines later.

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