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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines Continued

Here's a small sample of the Valentines I made at Karen's. Very simple. Some others I purchased and have ready to mail pictured on the left. Just the process of laying them all out with my little list of people to send to and choosing the right one for the right person was pure enjoyment for me. I love to make them with that person in mind as well! Addressing with a red pen, making the perfect Valentine return address label and the heart postage stamps completed it! Just fun for me and especially so this year! It seems that some of the most fun things in my life always go back to Tasha Tudor. If you don't know about her, please google the name and check out some books about her life and art. It's worth pursuing. I have said it many times before and will say it many more times, I am sure, that the best gift she gave me (unknowingly, of course) was the gift of friendship. I have met so many wonderful, life-long kindred spirits because of her and the internet. On one list I belong to I suggested a Valentine Exchange. We decided to keep it to a $10 minimum. What fun I had shopping the thrift stores and going through my own little stashes to come up with a box of goodies for my exchange person. Through luck of the draw, I had Morgan and she had me. Here's some pictures of my goodies. I love how she incorporated my favorite color, blue, into the whole thing. She didn't even know it was my favorite color either. It just happens to be hers as well! My Annabelle doll has inherited the 2 Tasha Tudor items! We love them!

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  1. Great post LaVonne. You got a wonderful group of goodies from Morgan. It was very fun.
    Hope you are enjoying your kids.
    Love ya,