I liken my life to a crazy quilt. You never know what size or color the next block will be, what print or fabric it will be made from or which stitch, ribbon or charm it will be adorned with.

Welcome to my crazy-quilt life. Hopefully my blog is a reflection of that & me!

Enjoy your visit.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

I Can Dream!

Black Friday schmiday! I am sick of it. Not only are the stores opening earlier and earlier, they are not even closing for Thanksgiving these days. Some are opening at 10:00 pm for all-night shopping. I can't tell you how much I abhor this fact, but it has come to be. I wish the media would tell the sheeple there will be no Black Friday this year. The day after Thanksgiving is about family and friends and spending time with those you love. Slowing down and enjoying life.
I can dream, can't I?
I was reading another blog about a woman who made a pact with her sister and mom long ago to not only celebrate Thanksgiving on that day, but the day after as well. They spend the day crafting, eating leftovers and enjoying each others company.
I can dream, can't I?
I know this will never happen in my lifetime unless my nuthead friends and I move closer to each other.
I can dream, can't I?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving.
Reflecting on all I have to be thankful for.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Yup! I love 'em. I always have. Although I was a bit of a tom-boy as a child, I still loved my dolls and always played with them. I still do.
I found this lovely lady in a thrift shop today. She was priced at $6.50, a steal, if you ask me. But wait, everything in the shop was 1/2 off! I bought her for $3.25. Can you imagine? Just look at her clothes alone!
Her face is fabric over a mold of some sort and her facial features are lovingly hand-painted on. Her hair appears to be real human hair. One thumb is broke off, but that matters not to me. Even her shoes are lovely.
If you know anything about this type of doll, please comment. She's a new one to me! I love the fabric over the face though. I've seen this type in books, but she's the first one in my collection.

Friday, November 11, 2011

For My Nuthead Friends

You know who you are!

I went to the thrift store yesterday and guess what I found in the Christmas ornaments for a quarter?

Could it be? Away in a walnut Manger? Do you hear what I hear? I am going with it! This doesn't top the nut ornaments I found in OR with Linda! I will post more as the Holidays approach! I have found a new love for Christmas ornaments made out of nuts! I know, but face it.....it's why you love me!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Peace and Thanksgiving

I've been pondering about this subject for the past week or two. It all began with my hay prices. Due to out-of-state demand for good, Montana hay, my hay prices doubled from last year. I was paying $75/ton (a great bargain, I might add) and this year it jumped to $150. I typically go through 10-14 tons, depending on the amount of mouths I feed. You can do the math. I almost sat and cried and my first response was, "I'm going to have to sell my sheep!" I fretted and worried and didn't like the angst inside me. After a week of stewing about it, I let it go. I prayed. I asked some friends to keep me in their thoughts and prayers and if I was meant to keep doing this, everything would work out. The relief was immediate. I've experienced that before. Sometimes it just takes me a while to remember I am not in total control and when I surrender it all, peace comes and comes quickly. Why can't I keep that notion in my pea brain?
Since then I have had an amazing turn of events. I've gotten phone calls about lamb, sold one yarn CSA and have another order for one for a Christmas gift. I've posted my lamb for sale on the net and had several orders. I had an increase in wool sales in my etsy shop. I taught a needle felting class with my wool and had a "full house". What can I say? I feel very blessed and it only affirms that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. I am grateful. I love this farm life. I am thankful. It is the season of Thanksgiving. I am at Peace.
Thank you.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Autumn Exchange

One of the things we do on my "Tasha Tudor List" is a fall exchange. We try to keep it simple and have a theme of some sort. This fall we were talking a lot about bunnies and mice. I am not sure how that conversation got started, but that's where we ended up.
Kaye had my name and here are the lovely treasures she sent me.

The little bunnies look like snow bunnies, which is perfect for a Montana Fall.
The potholder has 2 little pockets and inside each is a tea bag. Fun! And she made the knitted hat. What a fun exchange this was.

I had Terrie's name. Both of these ladies are new to the group, so it was fun to exchange with someone totally new. While I was at Linda's in Oregon, we had a craft day and spent one day making mice out of my wool for our exchange. Hers flew off to France!