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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Autumn Exchange

One of the things we do on my "Tasha Tudor List" is a fall exchange. We try to keep it simple and have a theme of some sort. This fall we were talking a lot about bunnies and mice. I am not sure how that conversation got started, but that's where we ended up.
Kaye had my name and here are the lovely treasures she sent me.

The little bunnies look like snow bunnies, which is perfect for a Montana Fall.
The potholder has 2 little pockets and inside each is a tea bag. Fun! And she made the knitted hat. What a fun exchange this was.

I had Terrie's name. Both of these ladies are new to the group, so it was fun to exchange with someone totally new. While I was at Linda's in Oregon, we had a craft day and spent one day making mice out of my wool for our exchange. Hers flew off to France!

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