I liken my life to a crazy quilt. You never know what size or color the next block will be, what print or fabric it will be made from or which stitch, ribbon or charm it will be adorned with.

Welcome to my crazy-quilt life. Hopefully my blog is a reflection of that & me!

Enjoy your visit.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy New Year!

Posted to my facebook page this morning!

Three simple words that are sometimes rolled off the tongue this time of year much like, "have a nice day". I've been pondering happiness of late. It's interesting what some people think makes them happy. They have themselves fooled into thinking that money will buy their happiness. Money they may or may not have. Money buys a whole host of necessary and non-necessary items. Without money we can survive, but not without relying on someone else.

We are tricked into thinking that we must consume during the holidays in order to fulfill our happiness and the happiness of those around us. Commercialism is blasted in our faces from all directions. Sell, sell, sell.......buy, buy, buy! It's so easy to get caught up in it all, but does it really make us happy? Once the holidays are over and you've over-indulged in so many ways, are you really that happy about it?

I am not sure exactly why this year has bothered me more than others. The build-up of Black Friday to the day-after-Christmas sales have weighed heavy on me this year. I've also heard a few people mumbling about "the rich and/or famous" and how much better they have it. Do they really? Can't prove it by me.

Enough. That's really all we need is enough. The problem is, too many of us don't know what enough is.

My wish for you in the New Year is just enough to make you happy. May you find it in ways unexpected.

Monday, December 27, 2010

I miss blogging!

So, my old blog went by the way-side and I couldn't even PAY the woman who had designed it to redo one here, so here I go. It's a long story, but I LOVED my old blog. It was soooo me. When homesteadblogger changed formats, the blog makeover I won went away. I was sad for quite some time. I actually mourned the loss of my blog. I contacted the woman several times and offered to pay her what she charges, but I never got an invoice and she never redid my blog. So, how many months later, here I am.
I do miss it and am going to try to make it a goal for 2011 to get back to blogging. I have some subjects rolling around in my head. It's time.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Trying out a new blog host!

I am giving this a try here on blogspot! My old blog made some serious changes and I have to say I don't like it at all. I will keep my old blog because I have so many posts I love there.