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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Are you sick of Valentine's yet?

I am sorry if you are, but I'm not! I truly enjoyed Valentine's this year. I found a couple of cute little Valentines I had to add to my collection. I don't collect them, but have so many from past exchanges with my Tasha Tudor friends. It's fun to go back through them!
Here are the two I found last week. One is so sweet with the little hanky. It was to his teacher!

And this one I had to have because of our name! I like the unusual shape and the way it stands up too.

My friend Linda is always the best when it comes to giving. She is probably thee most giving person I know or have ever known. She sent me a lovely little package and here's what was inside.

I absolutely LOVE the mouse! Linda found her in the Christmas stuff over the holidays and redid her for a little Valentine. I just can't get over her attention to detail, forethought and her follow-through. Everyone should be half as thoughtful and organized as this woman and the world would be much better off.
She knew my kids were coming home from Portland to clean out the shop behind their house and finalize their move. She sent some goodies for us to enjoy. We ate the heart-shaped pasta on the 15th. I made shrimp alfredo with it. What a hit that was!

Here's a close up of Miss Mouse and the candies Linda made for her friends. She actually painted the white candy on first and then poured the pink in. Cameo candies are SOOOO Linda! You can't imagine how many little packages she sends out too! I know the postal service loves her!

And what a beautiful, hand-made Valentine to match!

Her thoughtfulness is not lost on me. I appreciate the effort she puts in to make me feel special and her gift is that she makes A LOT of people feel special. No wonder she's my best friend in the whole world!


  1. NO NEVER EVER would I be sick of Valentines! But, dearest friend in the whole world...you made me cry, no make that blubber! What a wonderful personal blog post....a am honored to be your best friend and YOU are and always will be MY very best friend! Thanks you LaVonne for this post...means so much to me and makes me want to continue my little ministry of friendship and kindness.
    Have a great time today with your kids!!!
    Love ya LOTS!
    Linda Lou