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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

St. Nicholas Day

My family traditions did not include St. Nicholas Day. Our Dutch neighbors, however did so quietly. As kids we never knew they put their wooden shoes out for Sinterklaas to fill. Santa came to our house, but on Christmas Eve. I don't remember it being a competition or even comparing notes of who received what. We celebrated quietly amongst ourselves.
It wasn't until I joined the Take Peace list, a group of like-minded folk who all admire Tasha Tudor, that I really discovered Dec. 6. We have an ornament exchange each year and have tea and a treat to celebrate the beginning of Christmas. This year the theme was anything from a Tasha book, so that left the field wide open.
Melinda had my name and she admitted she forgot about the theme, but I think it fits in perfectly with all of the lovely borders Tasha is so well-known for in her books. Melinda volunteers at the Tasha Tudor museum, so I was gifted with a couple of wonderful items from there as well.

You can't quite see the TINY glass mouse coming out of the box. I thought I had gotten a good close-up, but I apparently deleted the wrong photo.
The itty-bitty cross stitched Noel and stocking are for Annabell. I can't get over the tiny perfectness of them. Thank you, Melinda!

I had Kristen's name and as soon as Suzanne mentioned a theme, I knew exactly what I was going to make. I had started this project a while back with good intentions, but as I often do, it was set aside. Timing is everything and I was able to go right to this project, add some details and get this little fella in the mail! I wrote to Kristen that she may well have the ugliest ornament of the exchange and on her tree, but one must know Tasha Tudors work to know what he is!

Wilhelmina wrote to the list that being a part of this makes her feel like a kid again! She nailed that one. Thank-you Kindred Spirits!

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  1. Your bogart is so cute, but they scare me. Your treats from Melinda are wonderful.