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Friday, December 30, 2011

More Nuts to Share!

I've been shirking my duties here on my blog, not that anyone is paying attention anyway. One other nuthead is for sure! I had promised some nut ornaments and here they are!
The first two I found in a local thrift shop. I can't tell you the joy these little buggers give me. First that someone would go to all of the trouble of making such tiny ornaments in the first place and second because they rarely cost more than a quarter!
Not a creature was stirring......

The next one I must apologize for the picture quality. I tried and tried, but I do love this little nut shell full of yarn balls and knitting needles!

And last, but by no means least, is one of my very favorites! I found 2 of them in Portland when I was there, so Linda got one and I got one. Can you believe the Nativity made of peanuts? And Jesus in a nutshell with a popsicle stick creche. I love the child-like simplicity of it. So endearing.

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  1. Well yes, the little buggers are full of joy!
    Happy New Year.
    Linda Lou