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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Beginnings!

I wasn't going to post a Happy New Year blog post, but I am very excited to have a new blog. I can't not!
So many of my friends had very trying years last year. Lots of losses, parents moved to extended care facilities, homes and lives to sort through, lots of memories, tears and joy as a lifetime gets sorted. I guess that's what comes as we get older and slip into the "next generation".
We had our own trials here with getting the farm stay up and running, Chris out of work and finally finding some, and the loss of 2 wonderful friends and an Aunt I loved and admired very much.
We take these things as they come. Somehow when it's all said and done, we hope that we are better people because of the trials we've been through. Life can never be easy, but I will tell you, I am thankful for the days and moments that are.
The last few years I have had a theme for each year. 2009 was kindness. 2010 was simplify. I am still working on that one! I haven't chosen a theme for 2011 yet, but there's once recurring word that keeps popping up in my life. Stay tuned.......

For 2011 I wish you enough.

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