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Friday, January 21, 2011

A Full Week!

It's been a full and busy week for me. Besides the shop, Chris and I took a farmer vacation yesterday. That's gone and back in the same day. We drove over to Butte and then to Helena. I've only been on that road once in my life. It's a pretty drive, but there was some snow blowing across the road in places.
I stopped in Helena at Mountain Spun, the yarn shop that carries my yarn. What a darling little shop and the owner, Adrienne, is such a nice person. It was great to see my yarn on display and to see an awesome sweater she had made out of it. A treat at the Parrot ( a wonderful chocolate shop ) and then I hit a couple thrift stores. I did find a few pin cushion containers, but not a lot out there right now for the shop in town.
Today I was back at Hawthorne School in Bozeman and needle felting with the 4th graders. I get such a kick out of them. All different and unique and so are their creations! Then off to a Women of the Dirt gathering. Small, but nice. I stopped at the wool mill on my way home to pick up some yarn samples so I can be at the Farmer's Market in the morning to pimp my wool! Gotta sell those CSAs!
I think once noon rolls around tomorrow and I can come home, I am just going to put my feet up an relax for a bit. I just feel like I've been on the go.


  1. A busy week indeed. Glad you had a chance to get out of town for a bit.

  2. Hope you enjoyed your Farmers Vacation, it is always fun to run away if but for a day. Glad to hear that you are still teaching wool felting to the little ones. Sounds like fun.