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Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Words cannot completely describe my day yesterday. I did something I've always wanted to do and that is open our home to anyone who might like to share our meal. Traditionally my mom hosted T-day and when my step dad passed away, she passed the torch to Juliana. With Juliana and Johnathan now in Portland, I really wasn't looking forward to this Thanksgiving.
My plan was hatched at the last winter farmer's market. I purchased items from my friends who sell there to have for our meal. At least then a little bit of them would be at my table too. My desire grew to have the most local meal I could possibly provide. Then I realized it would just be us. Chris, Kelly, Mom, Ray and myself. I am fortunate because I see these people frequently, if not every day, but let's face it, we're a little boring.
I posted an invite here on my face book page and invited anyone! Our table seats 10 comfortably and we had 10 at the table! It was really meant to be.
It was such a great joy to share all of the local harvest with everyone here and to know our kids in Portland were in kind and loving hands with good friends.
The conversations were interesting and lively, the laughter was abundant and soothed my soul. The new faces at our table were a blessing. My heart is full!

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