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Friday, November 15, 2013

30 Day Simplicity Training for Women

I joined the gym! Yup! I saw an ad in the local paper for a 30-day Simplicity Training for Women and it happened to be in Manhattan, which is closer for me than actually going to Bozeman. There are gyms in Belgrade, but the ad appealed to me for many reasons. Thirty days. I can take 30 days for ME and do something really positive.
So I am at the end of week one. We meet just 2 evenings a week and we're given "homework" for 3 more. I decided I wanted to write down some of my thoughts during this process so that if just one person reads it and finds inspiration, maybe my words will help.
Day 1 was interesting. We warmed up and then our workout was just 12 minutes long. It's a modified version of cross fit training. Day 2 I was sort of sore and day 3, look out! Sitting down and getting back up again REALLY hurt. I developed this pain in my back below my left shoulder that hurt like mad when I tried to roll over in bed or breathe deeply. I think it's actually just a muscle that is coming back to life after years of little use. I am right -handed and I guess I didn't realize just how much I don't use my left side.

I want to touch on a few thoughts that have been rolling around in my head. It's awkward to let other people see you work out when you're out of shape. I absolutely HATE the fact that I know so many people at the gym. Manhattan is a small town and I know A LOT of people. I am having a hard time coming to terms with this aspect of it. I think it's because of conversations I've had with other people on the subject. "I could never join a gym! I don't want people looking at me" they'd say. Well, what I have found is that they're all there to work out, not to look at you!

There are 5 ladies in the group. Only one is under 50, so that makes it nice. The trainer is super nice and very gentle on us. He's got a helper who watches to make sure we're in position properly too. The exercises of today are not the same we did in gym class! Chin ups, sit ups, push ups are all different. They all still hurt! lol I've done "planks" and "kettle bells", words I've only heard before. This is all new to me!

Oct. 29
I know I am sleeping better with these workouts, that's for sure.
Yesterday I had to go to Manhattan, so I stopped off at the gym to put in 30 minutes. I wound up staying for almost an hour and rode the bike 10 miles. I am still in awe that I could go that far. It's encouraging.
It was really difficult walking into that place alone, knowing my class mates were not there. As it turned out, the trainer was there and he was encouraging. Yes, I knew 90% of the people there! It's very awkward for me.

Oct. 31
Finished up week 2. What a difference a week makes. Robin, the youngest in the class, promised us last week that this week would be better. She's been at it a week longer than the rest of us. Tonight the gym was practically empty, which I like. Well, with the exception of a couple of guys who were apparently weigh-lifting or something. I honestly think they were there to either look at themselves in the mirror or to be seen or both. It was odd. I was about to ask the trainer what was up with the loiterers!
I sweated more tonight and was out of breath for a bit. It was a tough workout for me, but I got through!
We have homework too! On the days we don't work out, the trainer gives us homework. We can go to the gym if we want or do it at home. Today I did laps around the outside of the shop. lol We get the weekends off! YAY!

Here it is Nov. 15. Our 30 day-training has ended. I feel much stronger in a lot of areas and I am glad I did this. It's amazing what a little bit of weights can do, especially if you have someone show you the proper way to use them.

Last night I actually took note of my confidence walking in the gym. I didn't care who was in there! I have formed friendships with my class mates and trainers and it has been a fun thing. Of course I had to sprinkle in my own brand of fun in the class too! For Halloween I gave them each a treat bag with a tea bag inside. "Good Mood Tea"! :-) And on Thursday of last week when the trainer was gone, I brought a hula hoop for his assistant and we threatened him with a hula hoop work out if he was too hard on us. It was all in fun and he did very well! He even did chin ups while twirling the hoop on one leg! Impressive! So I brought it back Tuesday for the trainer and we had more fun!

I really have only kept track of my feelings here so I could go back and see progress. If this inspires anyone to try the gym, all the better. I never thought I would be one of those "gym people", but it helps to keep you focused and on track. I will continue. The program now goes to 3 nights a week (or 5:30 am....no thank you!). I will continue with class 2 nights, but right now I can't work at the mill on Wednesdays and go directly to the gym. I am not physically there. We'll see what the future brings!

December 18 update!
Last week I was really discouraged that I still hurt so bad after workouts. It's not right after or even the day after. It's the second day after, which is the same day we work out again. This week I am MUCH improved! It does get better. It just takes time. I am feeling so much stronger, my range of motion is better and I have more stamina at the gym. I am lucky to have a great bunch to work out with. I think that really does matter!
And...I am working at the mill AND going to the gym on Wednesdays! I can do it!

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