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Thursday, September 8, 2011

More of Tasha Tudor

I wrote before about rarely finding anything Tasha-ish around here and baited you a bit with the books I found. Well, I went to an estate sale and had the time of my life. I found some wonderful treasures there. Some for resale, some to keep! I spent so much time and money there, I had to write a check. Luckily I know the daughter and she let me! I was so giddy, I almost couldn't write it.
So in this box of books I spotted this little treasure.

Copyright is 1958. It was written for children and inside is just the purest form of Biblical scripture. It is a delight to read and view the images Tasha so carefully thought of and drew to match the Bible verses. It's very reassuring.

So if that were not enough, I drive back by this house the following week and their signs are up again. (No, I wasn't stalking or dumpster diving.....this house is on the main street into town from home!) They had very little left and were actually showing the house to a few people at the sale. I just wandered around and found a few more treasures. Apparently I had not dug deep enough in the book box the previous week because there staring right up at me was this one!

I have to admit that I already have a version of this book, but it's newer and the dust jacket is not the same. Needless-to-say, I love this dust jacket with the little sheep! The book itself is a real treasure. It's got the old-fashioned fabric cover in red. A Tasha drawing is on it as well.

So two fun finds in one week and at very reasonable prices. Just a dollar each.
What fun!

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  1. I was wondering when you were going to share the books. How fun, esp in Montana! I found And It Was So last Christmas in a dumpy antique shoppe at the beach...$3.50. I guess I overpaid...LOL! I love how you described it "purest form of Biblical scripture"-so sweet LaVonne!