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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Exchange

My goodness. It's been so long since I've blogged, I am not sure I remember how! I will give it a shot!

One of the yahoo groups I belong to did a Fall exchange and Robin had my name and I had hers! Our history goes back several years, mostly on the internet as Tasha Tudor fans. I met Robin once at Jane's house in Olympia. We all had tea together. Jane put on a lovely spread. I was visiting Linda and it was once of our "field trips". So fun to meet other Tasha fans, known as the "Tashettes" in the West! On another field trip just this Spring, Linda and I went to Robin's home and visited her. We had a blast. Then Robin and her husband were able to stay in the wagon this summer on their trip to Montana!

Robin and I have a lot of things in common. We both live on farms and have sheep. As with most Tashettes, we love old things, handmade things and homemade. I apologize if my pictures are lacking. It's a very gray day here, so poor lighting and the inside of my head matches the weather! Cloudy! I've been nursing a headache.

The first two photos show all of the goodies she sent. So much fun! She included a little bit of everything I love. I spy bees, chickens, sheep and even a book about a nut head doll! She knows me too well! I love the Halloween socks too!

She sent along a jar of her pepper jelly with instructions to serve it over cream cheese with crackers! YUM! I can't wait to do that!
I love the little pumpkin wall hanging and there's a package of sticky notes like I've never seen before. It has little ones in there too, like tabs! Fun! I think the dragonfly and flower are coasters. I am not sure how much of it she made, but it's all fun and I love it.

Fallen leaves and a pumpkin, a scarf and a little towel. There's even a snowflake in there for good measure! Here's the scarf. Such pretty fall colors!

This is a little towel that looks like a dress. Her note said it's not a dress for a baby! It's meant to hang over your oven door to dry your hands! I love the potato motif! It reminds me of my time on the potato farm!

Here it is on my stove!

What a fun exchange!

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  1. A very fun box of goodies! I LOVE the little towel dress. would love to get the pattern..I probably could figure it out.
    Happy Fall!!