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Monday, April 8, 2013

Flea Market Fun

Flea markets are nothing new, but they are not very common in this area. A lot of them are held outside and with out freezing temps, that is not possible unless it's held inside. If you have it they will come, right? Well someone has started an indoor flea market on the first Sunday of each month. We went as shoppers last month to check it out and I decided that it would be something I'd like to give a try.
I had Chris back the horse trailer up to the garage and I started sorting, cleaning and pricing. It's a 4-horse trailer, so I had plenty of room to work. At the same time I was sorting fleeces and selling them off, so I was able to organize them in there as well. The weather has been unseasonable warm until today, so that was a big help! I have a box in the house by the door and keep price tags in it so when I run across something in the house that I no longer want, I price it right away and put it in the box. I had at least 2 fruit boxes, and possibly 3, full of stuff from the house. Of course I have so much stuff that no one can really tell but me!
I started to get really excited Saturday evening thinking of setting it all up. I really love to display the stuff and make it look good. I also made a few things for the booth. It's fun to kind of get back in the saddle, so to speak.
I don't miss the shop, but I love buying and selling and collecting, so this is a good fit for right now. I do miss the customers and so I had a great time selling yesterday with bartering and trading with other vendors, I had a blast. Even did a bit of gift shopping there! Fun!

I'm not pleased with a lot of my pics, but here's an idea of my space and things.

Here's a fun planter I put together. I am always amazed at people. No one thought the flowers were real! They are!

Here are some of my pincushions and a few other things I made. The cup and saucer with the spoon on it in front is a bird feeder. It's on a rod and pokes in the ground. The little child's guitar in the back I made into a bird house. It had a big hole in the side, which I covered and put a little dowel for a perch out in front. It says, Home on the Range on the front of it. It didn't sell.

And here's a little display piece I made from a curved-glass cabinet door. There was no glass, so I white-washed it and added chicken wire that I gave a light coat of white spray paint. It was perfect for Juliana's antique button earrings and an apron I had purchased on etsy and used as a little curtain for a while. I hung it off of a glass knob I attached to it. There's a little bird feeder gardening angel to the left with a tea cup head I made too.

Loads of fun!

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  1. Just getting around to looking at everyone's blog. Your space looks great!
    Glad I don't live close...too tempting.
    Love ya,