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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nuthead Birthday

It's no secret that I love nuthead dolls. I think what I love most about them is that someone could take the simplest of things, a nut, and create an entire doll around it! Some are very detailed and the workmanship is amazing. Tiny stitches, fine fabrics, well thought-out accessories, shoes, hair, etc. Totally fascinating to me! I've been collecting them for several years now, picking them up here and there, tossed aside, unwanted. They can come home with me!
It should not have come as a surprise that BOTH of my children would give me nuthead dolls for my birthday, but it was! A welcome surprise at that!
First came this little cotton-picker from Johnathan and Juliana. His details are amazing. I love the fabric his clothes are made out of. A burlap cotton bag filled with cotton and even his hand stitched against the side!

Here he is from the front. His thin little cane is made of 2 wires wrapped in some kind of paper or tape. It's very thin.

And here he is from the back! Look at the patches on his behind! What a hard worker.

His head is a walnut painted black. He is aging, you can tell by his gray beard. He also sports a neckerchief and wool hat. Just awesome!

Next is this lovely couple! I think their heads are Brazil nuts. The little point is their nose! These were given to me by Kelly! I love her little nut basket and pocket with a hanky and his pipe and beard! Again, the fabrics are amazing.

Their boots are hand-stitched leather.

It was a nuthead birthday for sure! I love them all!

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